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La Gironda

Nizza Monferrato

A story of a family and its wine

The history of La Gironda is that of a family and its wine, vineyards and rolling hills where their grandparents worked so hard for so many years as did their fathers in their youth. In the year 2000 the new generation of the family decided to returns to their roots and now they work full time looking after their vineyards and making well-crafted wine. The winery has a perfect position on the Bricco hill overlooking Nizza Monferrato, a place that they fell in love with and just a few kilometers from their family’s original hills. La Gironda use only traditional techniques in the winery so that they express the best that the vine produces each year. Their aim as winemakers is to produce the best wine they can in the simplest and most natural way so that it is a true expression of where they live and work.