The idea comes out for giving a face to the wine, as well as each face is different so is the wine, that being a living material is deeply linked to the territory and the people who produce it.

Our aim is to offer the real soul of the wine, one that comes from the heart of the producer, the wine made of stories of people, of their territories where with passion and commitment produce and make these wines a unique work of art .

By thus this site was created for an ambitious project that revolving around the on-line sale wants to propose italian wines made from unique and extraordinary people like the wine they have been producing for generations.

Here you will find a group of small producers of the very best small production wines of Italy just to make sure they reach the wine lovers all over the world in the belief that only small producers can create wines with their own personality , wines that have a story and a connection to place or a person.

So welcome and special thanks to the ever growing number of wine lovers who have embraced the small wine producers as their own. We pledge to continue our search for the family-made wines they have never heard of, with a level of quality that is not easy to come by, and provide for them a wonderland of Italian wines to explore with guaranteed satisfaction.